In 2004, Sertshang Orphanage was officially recognized by the government of Nepal. In the same year, Sertshang Orphanage Association was founded in Switzerland with the goal of ensuring a sustainable future for the orphanage.

Thanks to donations and sponsorships from Switzerland, Germany and Austria, where two daughter associations coordinate support for the orphanage, life and education of the children were improved continiously.

The respective presidents of the associations in Switzerland and Austria visit the orphanage at least once a year. They consult the orphanage‘s director in pedagogical matters, controll the bookkeeping and ensure that all funds raised are used for the childrens‘ welfare.

The associations are tax-exempted, i.e. donations to their accounts can be set off against taxes in these countries. All donations are exclusively used for the orphanage, all administration costs are covered by the respective boards of directors.

Sertshang Orphanage Association


Choegyal Rinpoche

Methok Dawa Sherpa



Radhika Karki, Cook

Buddha Lama, Dance Teacher

Subha Tamang, Music Teacher

Ram Prasad Ghimire, Yoga Teacher

New Leadership