Sertshang Orphanage Home

Methok Dawa Sherpa

P.O. Box 20559 Kimdol

Swoyambunath-15, Kathmandu, Nepal

phone: 00977-1-428 57 91


Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.

Sertshang Orphanage Home

IBAN  010000065301524



Verein Sertshang Orphanage Home Schweiz

c/o Dshudong Sertsang (Chodon)

Seefeldstrasse 2, 9533 Kirchberg, Schweiz

phone: 0041 – (0)76 400 87 78

email: chodon @

Verein Sertshang Orphanage Schweiz

Credit Suisse Bern, Account  71 09 12-81

IBAN  CH77 0483 5071 0912 81000



Verein Sertshang Orphanage Home Deutschland

c/o Brigitte Schulmeister

Balger-Hauptstrasse 28

76532 Baden-Baden

phone: 0049 – (0)7221 - 61879

email: brigitte @

Verein Sertshang Orphanage Home Deutschland

Volksbank Baden-Baden/Rastatt

Account  58691003

Bank code  662 900 00


IBAN  DE58 6629 0000 00586 91003


Verein Sertshang Orphanage Home Österreich

c/o Bettina Kuprian

Hockegasse 59/9

1180 Vienna, Austria

phone: 0043 – (0)699 – 11 29 89 96 (private)

email: bettina @

Karlheinz Weber, Graz
phone: 0043 – (0)664 – 144 68 80
email: karlheinz @

Verein Sertshang Orphanage Home Österreich

Bank Austria, Account 512 618 096 01

Bank code  12000

IBAN  AT10 1200 0512 6180 9601


Newsletter 2011

«We younger ones must
solve Nepal‘s problems»   [download]

Adress and donation accounts

Information (pdf)

Info sheet

„A secure future“   [download]

Feuille d'information

„Un avenir sûr“   [télécharger]


„Eine sichere Zukunft“  [herunterladen]

Newsletter 2010

The World is Growing

Bigger   [download]

Not only the bad economic situation is a problem for Nepal. Climate change puts a lot of pressure on the country. Thanks to generous donations, we could implement a water supply system, which secures water supply for the Sertshang Orphanage Home for the future.

Tenzin Kuntschok and Methok Lama took over the management of the Sertshang Orphanage Home.

The new house provides the children with considerably more space.

Newsletter 2005

The place Yango never

wants to leave   [download]

Thanks to the support from Switzerland, daily life and education of the children of Sertshang Orphanage Home could be improved. Tashi Sertshang, responsible of the education since 2002, is planning a continuous further development.

Newsletters (pdf)

Newsletter 2017   [download]

«My holiday job? A real adventure!»

Newsletter 2014

«I count on you!»   [download]

Newsletter 2013

Plates are filled for
Kelsang and her brothers   [download]

Newsletter 2012

First Graduates,

first top scores   [download]