When Tibetan medic Tashi Sertshang travelled through Nepal in the 1990ies, he met numerous orphaned children. Their great distress touched him deeply. Many of these children were completely left on their own, making a living on the streets or being exploited as cheap labor.

In Kathmandu, Tashi Sertshang found a small, sordid orphanage. Only few of the children could attend school, because even the public school need to be paid for. Nepal‘s education system is in a desolate state, with half of the population being illiterates.

Seeing this distress, Tashi Sertshang and his son Choegyal Rinpoche, who’s chairman now, decided to take care of the orphanage and raise funds for it. Improving life conditions for the children did not suffice though: They consider educating the children properly very important.

Choegyal Rinpoche’s and Tashi Sertshang‘s and family was one of medical practitioners in many generations. Tashi Sertshang took an active role in Tibetan resistance. He escaped to Switzerland in the 1990ies, where he received political asylum. He worked in a factory and treated patients in his spare time, charging no money for his treatment. But there was always a donation box for the orphanage in his office.

2008, Tashi Sertshang left Switzerland. He now lives in Kathmandu, because he to do more for the needy.

Responsibility for the orphanage has been handed over to his son Choegyal Rinpoche, who completed his studies of buddhist philosophy and went on a retreat in Tibet for three years.

How it all started